Trustiics is an online marketplace based in Ottawa, Canada with a subsidiary in Shanghai, China. Trustiics provides international companies doing business in China with direct online access to high-quality, convenient and affordable legal consultation, legal due diligence and legal translation provided by top-quality English speaking Chinese legal professionals. Trustiics has adopted very high standards in selecting and pre-vetting legal professionals, and 100% of the legal counsel have good experience with top international law firms, leading Chinese law firms or the legal departments of multinational corporations’ China operations. Benefits to our registered users: · Direct access to top-quality Chinese legal professionals · Much faster and more convenient to get high-quality legal answers/translation done · Quality control: lawyers sign up by invitation and pre-vetting & lawyers’ income linked to users’ rating · Pay as you go + discounted hourly rates (no subscription fee, no retainer fee or any hidden cost) · Transparent: you manage the process through an individualized dashboard · Our platform is built and hosted on Amazon AWS and data transport, storage and backup are protected by the highest cloud security standards For more information, do not hesitate to contact our canadian lawyer in shanghai, and senior advisor to Trustiics, Mikael Charette, LLL. JD. LLM.