The Cannery

The Cannery is a gastrolounge built on a love of the West Coast spirit, from Vancouver to San Francisco –where fresh seafood, craft artisans, beautiful nature and chilled lifestyle abound. Our food concept is ‘the best seafood we can source, prepared in every way we can imagine’ -from our raw bar to our shellfish steamers to our grill to our namesake cannery. But the absolute highlight is our one-of-a-kind indoor applewood campfire, where we replicate the beach-side cooking method of the first inhabitants of the west coast with our signature wood plank salmon fillet.

Need a drink?! The Cannery has you covered, with a lovely selection of craft beers on tap and a great selection of wines to pair with our dishes, including natural wines. The Cannery boasts what we believe to be one of the largest selections of American whiskies anywhere (bourbons, ryes, Canadian whiskies). And our bar team, lead by award-winning Michael Chen mixes amazing, inventive craft cocktails. Our laid-back atmosphere is at its best in the front lounge, the terrace or our large lawn park –ideal for warm picnics and fun parties. Our super unique Bloc Party that we hold 4 times per year have become a fixture for Shanghai’s social calendars. And our Brunch, Champagne Campaign, Unplugged Sundays (live music), Taco Tuesdays and Whisk(e)y Wednesdays and other promotions are always popular. Come visit The Cannery for the best of the west coast food, drink and vibes …and perhaps a meeting with Cannery Pete, our resident English Bulldog.