SONG Co. Ltd.

SONG is a China-based company with world-class ethics and professionalism.

We focus on regulatory affairs, accounting, finance, tax, and advisory services across a large range of sectors for clients of all sizes of business.

SONG has deep understandings of operational, regulatory and cultural intricacies in China. Since the start of our business in 2007, we are making steady and rapid growth together with our clients.

We’ve accompanied hundreds of multinational clients for their regulatory and tax needs in China and also helped big Chinese accounts in their international investments. We know how to live and thrive in complex business contexts when dealing with China and Chinese particularities.

SONG’s headquarter is at the heart of Shanghai city, with offices in HK and Paris. Our core management team has been based in China for more than 20 years, all our international staff all fully fluent in Chinese, our working languages include Chinese, English, French, Russian and Japanese.