Shanghai Saimen Business Consulting Co,. Ltd

Saimen is a group of companies based in China and Canada that operate and invest in high-tech manufacturing through our main brand Saimen, and in the entertainment sector through our sister brand Saimen Entertainment.

The Group operates from offices in downtown Shanghai, with over 45 local & international staff. We have registered companies and offices in Hangzhou, Hainan, Hong Kong, the Shanghai FTZ, and Montreal. Moreover, we operate warehouses and assembly lines in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Saimen is supported by an in-house engineering team and is specialized in product assembly in our own facility (allowing for unparalleled IP protection and quality assurance), redesign for manufacturability and cost reduction, technical drawing review and translation, analysis of specification standard equivalents, quality control, and installation and maintenance for technical products imported and sold into China.

Our sister brand Saimen Entertainment is involved in the promotion and operation of live events, location-based entertainment, and multimedia installations.