Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital

Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital is the affiliated hospital of Columbia China, and it’s founded in year 2005. Our hospital is accredited as one of four-star professional orthopedic hospital in Pudong New District. Kaiyuan is a designated Yibao hospital, and offers direct billing services with more than 30 commercial insurance carriers to provide premium services to both Yibao patients and commercial insurance patients in and outside of Shanghai.

Our hospital has more than 200 beds, 4 operating theatres, an advanced imaging department which features a 3.0T MRI, CT-64, ultrasound, full length X-ray, bone mineral densitometry (BMD) and digital radiology. We specialize in delivering high quality, safe, compassionate medical care in an international setting. Building as surgical platform, hospital has technique approvals of knee replacement, hip replacement, arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment, and spinal endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Meanwhile, our hospital has stable relationship on building surgical platform with close to a hundred 3A hospital experts for patients’ convenience of experts’ consultations. From department building perspective, we have specialized departments of spine surgery, joint surgery, spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery, general surgery, post-operative rehabilitation. Meanwhile, internal medicine, hyperbaric medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine have also become our key specialties. We also offer multiple payment methods, including Yibao, commercial insurance and self-payment to satisfy patients’ payment needs.


我院现有200余张床位,4间手术室。影像科拥有 MRI 3.0T、64 排 CT、超声、可拍摄全长X光机和骨密度测定仪等先进设备。多年来医院凭借着国际标准的设施和团队,在服务上,致力于提供优质、安全、高效的医疗服务特色;在手术平台建设上,医院拥有人工膝关节置换术、人工髋关节置换术、关节镜诊疗技术、脊柱内镜诊疗技术等四项准入技术,同时我院长期与近百位三甲医院专家合作打造名医手术平台,患者可根据需求自由选择知名专家看诊;在学科建设上,运动医学、关节外科、脊柱外科、微创外科、术后康复是医院特色学科,同时内科、高压氧科、中医科也成为医院重点发展学科;在付费方式上,我院提供多种支付方式,含医保、商保、自费等,最大程度满足患者不同的支付需求。

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