Shanghai Air Nutri Solution Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Air Nutri Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech group company with highly competitive innovation in the field of health medical care, focusing on charged particle wave, life science research & development, and commercialization. For years of effort, the R & D team has created the charged particle and charged particle wavelet technology in the world for the first time. Through this technology, a frequency resonance microenvironment system with the advantage of charged particle wave is constructed, and a major breakthrough in non-drug therapy is achieved. Based on our original technology, a series of products has been successfully developed, including Nai chip, harmonizing module of charged particle wave, Slow Wave Sleep Homeostat, Forest Health Preservation Machine, Schumann Wave Forest Health Preservation Machine, Dynamic Air Infection Source Protection Machine, etc., which has opened revolutionary innovation and application in Biology iatrology engineering, micro environmental iatrology and many other fields.