River Delta Law Firm

Established in Shanghai in 2004, River Delta Law Firm is a boutique law firm focusing on labor and employment law. Since its inception, River Delta has established nine branches in China and a representative office in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. With over 200 labor law professionals and nearly two decades of practice, our firm consistently focused on labor & employment law with at heart, a desire for innovation and accumulation of knowledge.

  • Representation in labor dispute proceedings and enforcement
  • Draft and review employee handbook, labor contract, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, and other employment documents.
  • Termination
  • Negotiate, investigate and on-site services
  • Manage protected categories of employees
  • Transfer, placement and dismissal due to shutdown, mergers, relocation, etc.
  • In-house labor law trainings
  • Design and review transregional HR compliance system
  • Design and review Employee incentive scheme
  • HR internal audit and due diligence
  • Trade union consultation and compliance
  • Representation in collective labor unrest and disputes