Look Back (Shanghai) Education & Technology Co.,LTD. – KeepTalents 望来路(上海)教育科技有限公司

KeepTalents is based in the Yangtze River Delta Region with its head office located in Shanghai. It is a talent service company specialized in career education. It sets a learning and growing platform with one-stop career development solution service for Chinese international students and overseas Chinese who have willingness to return to China. We wish to strengthen the talents with professional consultancy and valuable trainings to gain personal competitiveness in Yangtze River Delta Region.


• Career Planning

• Job Hunting Skills Training

• Employment Referral

• Permanent Residency Consultation

• Career Ability Training

• Entrepreneurship Tutoring

• Chinese Visa Consultation



• 职业生涯规划

• 求职能力培训

• 精准岗位内推

• 落户政策咨询

• 职场能力培训

• 创新创业辅导

• 中国签证咨询