Long Bridge Inc.

Long Bridge Inc. is one of the largest automation solution providers and control panel manufacturers in Canada leveraging more than 30 years of excellence.

We have a combined workforce exceeding 90 team members and 37,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  With locations in Guelph (Headquarter) , Cambridge and Mississauga we are focused on engineering, automation system designing, building and programming the best control panels on the planet and providing unprecedented customer service.

Our manufacturing sites are strictly certified CE, CSA, UL including UL508, UL698A and UL1203, as well as a tightly control in ISO 9001:2015 environment, as appropriate, with additional standards applied due to customer or industry specific requirements. (e.g. Nuclear) Long Bridge’s competitive advantages includes, facility size, experience, technology and purchasing power which benefit our clients by providing Cost savings, Faster turnaround, Increased efficiencies and Unbeatable quality.

Our global Experience of working with various industries and World Top 500 which include but not limited to automobile manufacturing, environmental protection, clean energy, transportation, construction, mining and food processing, are something we wish to expand upon and show our commitment and passion.

Our services:

  • Automation System Solution
  • E plan Design 
  • Panel Building
  • Steinhauer  ModCenter 
  • System Integration
  • Engineering Design
  • Programming
  • Testing and Onsite Commissioning