Distillerie Puyjalon

anCham welcomes its new member 加中商会欢迎我们的新会员:Distillerie Puyjalon

Distillerie Puyjalon is producing Premium Spirits from fresh and unique ingrédients harvested north of the 50th Parrallel in Quebec. We distribute our product in China.

BETCHEWAN, “Strait where the current is strong in both directions” was the name of a village abandoned around 1890. Located facing Hunting Island where Count Henry de Puyjalon was buried in 1905. This French naturalist inspired the aromas of this northern and coastal gin proudly developed in the first distillery on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada.

BETCHEWAN或BETCHOUANE,意为“双向水流强劲的海峡”,是1890年左右废弃的一个村庄的名字。这里面对着Île-à-la-Chasse(狩猎岛,Henry de Puyjalon伯爵于1905年埋葬于该岛)。这位法国博物学家在圣劳伦斯湾北岸的第一家酿酒厂里突发灵感,研发了这款芬芳馥郁的北方海滨金酒。

Made from ingredients mostly from the Quebec North Shore. Inspired by the sea, the land and the surrounding forest, giving it salty, floral and fruity notes, thus combining the flavours and aromas of the local terroir.