CTC Group Ltd

CTC Ice & Snow is a Canadian led company, strategic partners of leading Canadian companies such as CIMCO and Athletica, a recognized leading provider of consulting, ice rink, snow dome and refrigeration technologies, and turn-key solutions for any type of winter sports and recreational facilities, from ice rinks, curling to winter recreational centre, snow dome, snow playground, etc.

The company has been present in China since 1999 and was officially established in 2008 by a Canadian-led senior management team cumullating over 300 years of experience in the field. CTC has successfully delivered more than 100 world-class projects to a wide range of clients in Asia and around the world, being a trail blazer in China and one of the pioneer in developing ice and snow projects for sports and entertainment in Asia.

In every one of our project, you will find in CTC experts and professionals to achieve your objectives. Our passion for what we do, and our track-record, is a testimony to the importance we attach to offering excellent product quality, performance and cost efficient design solutions to our customers.

With a global presence, CTC Group has registered offices in Montreal, Canada, Beijing, Shanghai , Hong Kong and Singapore.