Think Smart 是一家为外资中小企业提供专业财税服务的咨询公司。公司2004年成立至今已经为数百家的各类行业的外资企业提供了专业可靠的服务。

ThinkSmart began its practice in Shanghai from 2004 and with a focus on providing accounting and tax services to foreign small and medium sized companies(SME’s). Since then, ThinkSmart has provided reliable services to hundreds of SME’s from many industries.  

Think Smart的服务特点是1)用合理价格提供专业服务 2) 跨专业的团队服务 3)提供有附加价值的建议 4)良好的沟通技能 5) 多语种跨文化能力。

The value of ThinkSmart includes 1) Reliable professional services with a reasonable price 2) Multidisciplinary teams 3) value added advice 4) good communication skills 5) understanding of different culture.  

服务内容包括 1) 财务记账服务 2) 税务服务 3)财务顾问 4)尽职调查 5) 审计服务。

Service contents 1) bookkeeping 2) tax reporting and services 3) Financial consulting services 4) Due diligence 5) auditing services. 

Think Smart深刻理解外资中小企业在财税服务领域的需求,并可以提供有效的解决方案。

ThinkSmart has obtained an in-depth understanding of the requirements of SME’s in the field of accounting and tax issues and came up with effective solutions to these requirements.  

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