Canada Wood Group

Canada Wood is a global non-profit organization that represents Canada’s forest industry with the support of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development of British Columbia and Canadian forestry and lumber companies. The headquarters of Canada Wood is based in Vancouver, Canada, with the representative offices in China, Japan, Korea, India, and the UK.

The Canada Wood China (CW China) office is based in Shanghai with a branch office in Beijing, and representatives in Guangzhou and Wuhan. CW China is committed to promoting forestry management practices, broadening the application of Canadian wood products in Chinese markets, and the development of Sino–Canadian timber trade.

Since 2000, CW China has worked to promote Canadian expertise with wood products and transfer modern wood construction technology into Chinese markets through various activities including technical exchanges, project consultations, vocational training, promotional campaigns, business visits and building demonstration projects. Throughout its engagement in the lumber industry, CW China has witnessed tremendous growth and development for wood trade between the two countries.

Technical Exchanges: Support international communications and the exchange of modern wood construction technologies; assist to compile and renew technical publications such as field manuals and reports on codes and standards; compiling design examples and case studies for timber structures in China.

Project Consultations: Provide technical support and on-site instructions for the planning, design, construction, quality control and maintenance of wood projects.

Training: Cooperate with universities and vocational schools to carry out technical training. Organize various online and offline training for related industries, engaging students, officials, engineers and construction professionals.

Promotions: Represent the Canadian wood industry at tradeshows, host seminars and produce brochures and technical materials. Promote through traditional and social media with both offline and online marketing.

Business Visits: Organize delegations and overseas missions for developers, designers, and industry stakeholders to conduct technical and business visits between Canada and China.

Demonstration Projects: Set up demonstration wood projects with the cooperation of local developers and industry related organizations to showcase the potential for wood construction, with localized examples that fit market standards