Beijing Jingsh law firm Shanghai office

Jingsh Law Firm Shanghai Office was incorporated in 2018 ,as an important step in the internationalization strategy of the Jingsh brand, the Shanghai Office uphold the value created by the Jingsh brand and enhance it through scalable operation, professional management, branding strategy, international resources, and the implementation of new ideas in e-commerce. Therefore, we can not only provide a wealth of domestic and international case sources and high-quality supporting services for Shanghai legal talent but also provide solutions for foreign and domestic customers from a global perspective.
Until October 2021, Jingsh Shanghai has 336 lawyers and 40 practice departments, ranging from international affairs to corporate law. Jingsh has established 12 overseas offices, including Jingsh Singapore, Jingsh Cambodia, Jingsh Germany, Jingsh Poland, Jingsh Moscow, Jingsh New York, Jingsh Ukraine, Jingsh Cameroon, Jingsh Kenya, Jingsh Montreal, Jingsh Hungary and Jingsh London.