Asian Risks Management Services Ltd

Like everywhere in the world, companies, individuals are facing risks in China that can be insurable.

Asian Risks Management Services Limited advises corporates on risks, families and individuals all over China.

We combine international and local insurance expertise with more than 15 years of presence in the Chinese insurance market.

We help our clients to identify risks they should take into consideration to ensure continuity of the operation, so they can fully concentrate on the development of their business

With our insurance partners, we provide to our clients the best medical, property, casualty insurance solutions including claims following up.

Throughout the years, we have developed a good understanding of the local insurance market and practices. We are always able to find the dedicated insurance partner that suits your requests.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact us: 010 6500 3027 –
如有任何疑问,请与我们联系:010 6500 3027 –