Member Spotlight: MGI Pacific’s Blueprint Effects brings real estate marketing to a whole new level

Member Spotlight:
MGI Pacific’s Blueprint Effects brings real estate marketing to a whole new level

Managing Director ofA�MGI PacificA�Colin Bogar talks about Blueprint Effects’ mission to bring leading 3D rendering and 3D walkthrough technology to the real estate industry using applications deployed on all commonly available mobile devices


What is a�?Blueprint Effectsa�?? What do you do?
Blueprint EffectsA�is a real estate focused digital marketing firm specializing in the development of 3D walkthrough mobile applications, 3D visualization renderings, and specialized mobile application development. The firm works with real estate developers around the world with a focus on the sales and marketing of new build residential real estate. Ita��s hard to verbalize the firma��s applications without seeing them, but very broadly the application takes pre-construction architectural drawings and turns them into an interactive video game experience allowing potential buyers to remotely experience a property that has yet to be developed. Not only do these applications allow for an independent “walk through” of the property, but other details such as feature and colour selection, actual unit views, and information about surrounding facilities and amenities are built into the application.

Multiple Platform Picture

Where did the idea for Blueprint Effects come from?
Blueprint Effects was created in response to two problems. Firstly, finding a way to allow consumers to walk through real estate virtually without them being able to physically visit a certain location. Secondly, in the case of new build real estate, giving consumers and other end users a chance to interact with real estate products prior to it being constructed or finished. Our target industry vertical is the overseas real estate industry, however these problem exist in other industries including tourism, education, and event ticketing .


How does Blueprint Effects plan to adapt to the many changes and challenges of China?

The team at Blueprint Effects has been operating in China for quite some time, so the challenges that exist in China are not a surprise to the company. Overall, selective localization in areas where it makes business sense would best describe the firma��s a�?Chinaa�? strategy.

What opportunities do you see in making Real Estate Marketing more interactive?
Generally speaking, real estate makes up between 7-15% of every economy in the world. With that being said, there has been such little technological innovation in the sector that the opportunities are not simply with regards to improving interactivity. Other industry factors such as a lack of transparency, need for better client/agent collaboration, B2C marketing solutions, and the emergence of mobile platforms provides a number of areas where the industry will be forced to innovate.

Any other thoughts on real estate marketing in China?
All the issues that exist in the real estate industry globally are only amplified in China. Because of the need for scale in China, many of these changes havena��t materialized as quickly as in other geographies. There are certain areas that would be considered low hanging fruit, but overall we think that across the real estate spectrum, there will be numerous disruptive technologies that will significantly alter the current industry paradigm.

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