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CanchamA�Shanghai is proud to highlight the innovations of member companyA�NorduynA�Aviation Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.A�A�NorduynA�was founded over 80 years ago in Montreal, Quebec, and provides efficient galley inserts and cabin interiors for airplanes and other means of transportation. Most recently,A�NorduynA�received high acclamation for their innovative trolley design a�?Quantuma�?, winning theA�2010 Crystal Cabin AwardA�in Hamburg (the most prestigious international award for excellence in aircraft interiors) in the a�?Greener Cabin Health and Safetya�? category.



The aviation industry is very competitive and highly focused on safety, security, cost-management, and providing an enjoyable customer service experience.A�A�In 2009,A�NorduynA�partnered with LSG Sky Chefs, a world leader in airline catering and trolley design, in order to develop and market the a�?Quantuma�? model. They were able to improve upon previous designs in the following ways: 1) instead of standard aluminum, the new model is manufactured with different resins that reduce total weight by up to 40%; 2) reduced the number of parts by a third; and, 3) extend the product life by 25%, at which time the retired body is fully recyclable.A�A�These features substantially reduce fuel costs, carbon emissions, and the number of trolleys required over time, thereby cutting costs to airline carriers while remaining eco-friendly.A�A�The design also features ergonomic improvements that help ensure the safety of flight attendants as well as increase their efficiency and comfort. The a�?Quantuma�? requires less energy to keep food and drinks cool, and guards against food shrinkage during flights (owing to oxygen depletion).A�A�Each a�?Quantuma�? is equipped with an RFID chip, meaning thatA�NordyunA�can manage the quality of the entire fleet. Further, the outer shell of the trolleys are UV resistant and fully customizable.



AmongA�Norduyna��sA�clients are: All Nippon Airways, a Japanese carrier who selectedA�NorduynA�to outfit their fleet of Boeing 787a��s.A�A�Lufthansa airline, whose interest in the Quantum generated an order of 30,000 units to be delivered over 3 years.A�A�Extremely fast to market, with 80% of sales coming from products created in the last 2 years,A�NorduynA�is growing rapidly and is at the cutting edge of their industry and environmentally friendly innovation.



Congratulations on a fantastic 2011!


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