Member News: Win a Brunch at the Fairmont Peace Hotel

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Until July 30, enter to win a brunch at the Fairmont Peace Hotel by naming A�the two private dining rooms – without walls – at Cathay Room, and win one brunch voucher for two at the Cathay Room.

Get your thinking cap on – what kind of private dining space, over looking the Bund, does NOT have walls? Contact the Fairmont Hotel WeChat to enter.


Jeremy Harris
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Jeremy Harris lives for food. In 2001, Jeremy apprenticed at DC Coast Restaurant, rated as one of Washington DC’s best fine dining restaurants where he worked under Star Chef and Restauranteur Jeff Tunks.

After graduating in 2003 from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Jeremy hosted and participated in the American Culinary Olympic Team while serving as Banquet Chef at the New Orleans Marriott for a week-long, VIP Olympic Conference.

It was these moments which turned Jeremy into a leader of the kitchen, able to perform the valuable act of conceiving, creating and delivering food which impresses even the most knowledgeable food elites of the world.


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