[Member News] Red Gate International Produces Luxury Lifestyle TV Show

The Highlife™ , a luxury lifestyle TV show produced by Red Gate, brings you a wonderful giveaway  for this Chiristmas together with Parkway Hospitals (Singapore): Two Premier Health Screenings (including China-Singapore round-trip tickets, 2 way airport transfers, and 3 nights’ hotel accommodation). Please visit the Highlife website and enter the contest.  Spend 3 seconds to submit the entry form and win the super prize!

由 RED GATE 精心打造的高端生活电视节目《品位时尚》此次为欢庆圣诞佳节,特别与新加坡百汇医疗集团合作,推出惊喜圣诞大礼:新加坡优质体检之旅(含往返机票及酒店住宿)!只要您登陆《品位时尚》官网的观众奖品页面,提交活动报名表,即有机会赢取本次奢华大奖!机会难得,不容错过!

Starting in January 2014, “The Highlife” will be broadcast on China Finance Corporation TV, a professional service agency hosted by the Xinhua News Agency, at 22:00 every Saturday, and the re-run time will be 12:30 pm every Sunday and 12:30 pm every Wednesday. China Finance Corporation TV enjoys a wide media exposure including: Beijing Gehua CATV Network, IPTV of Shanghai BesTV, Channel 59 of Qingdao TV, ITV of Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV, Finance & Economy Channel of Anhui TV, Daqing TV in Heilongjiang, TV stations in Chongqing and Hebei.
从 2014年1月起,《品位时尚》将登陆由新华通讯社主办的专业服务机构——中国金融台,每周六晚上10点首播,并于每周日下午12:30和每周三下午 12:30重播。中国金融台网罗了以“全媒体”业态实现多种渠道的全面传播,目前已在北京歌华有线、上海百视通IPTV、山东青岛有线59频道、湖南有线 网158频道、江苏有线互动电视、广东深圳有线电视全频道落地;部分节目在安徽电视台财经频道、黑龙江大庆电视台、重庆、河北等地播出。

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