Member News: Corporation Service Company Acquires Koehler Group

Wilmington, Dela��Corporation Service CompanyA� (CSCA�) announced today that it has acquired KoehlerA�Group, a Hong Kong-headquartered provider of incorporation, tax, accounting, and trade supportA�services.

a�?We view this acquisition as a significant opportunity to offer international expansion services to our

U.S. and International corporate customers,a�? said CSC Vice President Jim Stoltzfus. a�?We are excitedA�about what this development means for our clients with subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region.a�?A�Founded in 1979, Koehler Group is one of the strongest mid-tier corporate service providers in Asia,A�with 92 accountants, trade consultants, and legal professionals on the ground in Hong Kong, Singapore,A�and mainland China.

U.S.-based CSC is a leading global provider of corporate compliance and transactional services, includingA�entity filings, due diligence requirements, and global subsidiary management. CSC also provides taxA�services and digital brand services, as well as corporate office, governance, and other domiciliationA�services for international special purpose vehicles and holding companies.

Koehler Groupa��s offerings complement CSCa��s existing services and expertise and provide CSC withA�additional business process outsourcing capabilities, for a complete overseas corporate servicesA�offering.

a�?By joining forces with CSC, we are reinforcing our local expertise with CSCa��s global capabilities in light ofA�the ongoing globalization and expansion of corporate clients,a�? said Koehler Group Managing DirectorA�Sven Koehler. a�?We share CSCa��s vision of becoming the leading global corporate service provider in ourA�industry. And by joining together, we will be able to offer more services to our local clients, as wellA�expand our offerings to clients in North America, Europe, and Australia.a�?

The acquisition offers a platform for CSCa��s continued growth in the Asia-Pacific region and expands theA�companya��s already considerable global footprint. CSC has offices located throughout North America,A�Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

About CSC

Corporation Service Company (CSC), a privately held business and legal services organization, providesA�representation, corporate compliance and subsidiary management, and trustee services for companiesA�and law firms worldwide; digital brand services for top global brands; and due diligence andA�transactional services for the worlda��s largest financial institutions. Founded in 1899, CSC has more thanA�2,200 employees throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Learn more atA�

About Koehler Group

Koehler Group is an international accounting and management consulting firm established in 1979.A�Koehler Group provides a wide range of market entry consulting, incorporation, tax, accounting, tradeA�support, and human resource services to organizations interested in expanding into Hong Kong,A�Singapore, and mainland China. Learn more at