MarCom Executive (assisting marketing and business development accounts) a?�a??a?�a�?i??a??aS�a?�a??a�?a?saS?a?�a?�i?�

MarCom Executive (assisting marketing and business development accounts) a?�a??a?�a�?i??a??aS�a?�a??a�?a?saS?a?�a?�i?�

  • Act as primary point of contact for clients in Chinese digital marketing requests. e?Ye??a�???�?��a��a?�a?�a?�a??c�?a�?a?�aS?
  • Troubleshooting issues for clientsa�� accounts and marketing department. a??c�?a�?a�???�a�?a?�a??e??e�?a�?e��e??
  • Build, develop and maintain clienta��s Chinese websites. a�?c��i??a?�a?�a�?c�??S�a�???�a?�?��c?�c��
  • Create and manage clients SEO and SEM accounts as per project description. ??�c��e??c��e�??��a�?c��a�?c�?c?�a�???�SEOa�?SEMe?�??�
  • Daily monitor and maintain clientsa�� Chinese social media accounts. ?�?a??c��c??a�?c�??S�a�???�a?�?��c�?a?�c?�c�?e?�??�
  • Create and develop daily posts and news online. a?�c��a�?a?�a?�?�?a??a??c???��c��a�??��e��
  • Innovate in platforms for clientsa�� brand exposure in China. a?�?��a�???�a�?c�?a??a�?a��a?�a??cs�?�?a��??�e?�
  • A�Assist formulating and following up with Chinese digital marketing proposals for clients. a??aS�a?�a�sa?�e??e??a�???�a�?a��a?�a??cs�a??a?�
  • A�Coordinate with clientsa�� team and HQ directly for obtaining content and feeding weekly reporting on their website status. a�?a�???�a�?e?Ya�??��e??e�?a??i??eZ�a?�a��a�?i??a?�???a�????a?�c�?a�??S?a�S
  • Coordinate with third party suppliers when needed to complete tasks (designer, printer, consultants, vendors, news reporters, etc). a�?c��a?�?�?a?�a?�a��a??a??i??a�????c�?a�?a��aS?i??e�?e�?i??a?�a?�i??a�?e??i??a?�a?�i???��e��?S?a�Sc��
  • Oversee and coordinate the making of PTL Group bimonthly newsletter. a�??Y?a?�e�?a??a�????PTL Groupa?????a?S?��a?�e�se�?a��
  • A�Translate documents and news from English to Chinese or vice versa upon project request. ?�???�e??c��e?�?��i??a�?????��a��a?�e��?��c?�e?�
  • Carry out simple market researches upon request for team or clientsa�� accounts. ?�???�a�?e?Y??�a�???�e?�?��i???��e??c��a?�cs�a?�a??c��c��
  • Assist in the organization and roll out of marketing seminars and clients exhibition fairs. a??aS�a�????a��a??a?�a??c��e�?a?sa�?a�???�a��
  • Assist in the making of PTL Group communication tools, such as PPTs, articles, campaigns. a??aS�a�????PTL Groupa?�c��?��???i??a��PPTi???��c��i????�aS?c��a��


  • Digital Media and Marcom/Marketing educational background with about 2-3 years of experience ?��a��a?�a?�a�?e??e��a?�?��??�a?�a??a��a?�a?si??2-3a??a��a??c�?a�?a�?a??c�?e??
  • Excellent ability in Chinese social media accounts, from creation to management a??a?�?��c�?a?sa?�a?�?�?e??i??a�Za?�a??a?�c�?c?�a��??�a??c��cs�e??aS�
  • Excellent ability in using Office package tools ?��e�?a??c�?Office e??a��a�?a��
  • Ability using illustrator, and or any other design program a?sa??c�?illustratora�?a��a��e�?e�?e??a��
  • Ability using Photoshop a?sa??c�?Photoshop
  • A�Curious on research and learning new areas of expertise a??a?Zc��c��a�?a��a?�?��cs�?S�e??a�?cY?e?�
  • Able to work in English a??a??e��e?�cZ?a??a?�a�?
  • Open minded , responsible, organized and able to communicate with peers. a???�?a?�?�?, e?Ye??, ??�???c?�i??a��??�a�?e?Ya??a??c??c?z Bring along to the interview:
  • Portfolio with previous graphic designs, PPT making, photography, and any other work that proves MarCom abilities e??e?�e?�???a?�a?�a�?cs�e�?e�??�????i??PPT?��c??i???��a?�??�a��a��a??e????Ze??e��a?�?��a�?a??e??aS�cs�a??a�?a��

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