Make Time Make a New Lifestyle: STCC Launch the a�?24+a�? Concept for a Better Life

Dongdu International (DDI) held a press conference in Shanghai to officially launch STCC brand, and presented the all-new a�?24+a�? lifestyle concept, which shows great promise in bringing a high-class international lifestyle to China. DDI chairman Mr Li Hailin, DDI Leisure & International Investment CEO Mr Peter Wood, and renowned American contractor Mr John Finton all attended the press conference and witnessed this important moment, along with many members of the media.

Dante once said, a�?The cleverest person is the one who is not willing to waste any of their timea�?, but successful people these days are so focussed on their work that they often have little time to concentrate on their families. DDI have kept abreast of modern trends, and have launched the STCC brand at the perfect moment. By creating a mixed use development of over 125a��000 square metres in an exclusive central Shanghai location, they have killed many birds with one stone by combining an exclusive clubhouse, luxury residences, a variety of retailers and commercial office space, all in one place. The group hope that through the a�?24 Hour+a�? creative lifestyle concept, they will be able to provide Chinese families with a holistic solution to their various time constraints. Their aim is to offer the very finest service, and allow successful people to spend more time with their loved ones to such a degree that they feel like they have discovered new hours in the day.


As STCCa��s first exclusive family-orientated leisure and lifestyle selected members club, STCC Clubhouse comes from an organization with rich experience in the management of international clubs. Through innovative design and facilities, as well as a rigorous member selection policy, STCC can guarantee the very finest environment in which to enjoy the most exclusive service in Shanghai. The comprehensive nature of STCC Clubhousea��s facilities means it offers a real breakthrough in terms of service, and with family as the focus of the club, it is able to provide for all the personal and business needs of every family members. With a total area of over 30a��000 square metres, STCC Clubhouse will become STCCa��s way of helping extend the realm of family life. It will be a place where your children can meet out like-minded children from similar backgrounds, and help them to expand their universe in the party rooms of our kids area. Where ladies will have all the facilities they need for any health, fitness, beauty or social activities, and where gentlemen will be able to expand their business connections, or relax and truly enjoy a healthy, leisurely life. Finally, members can enjoy the a�?de-litea�? dining concept in one of our international standard restaurants, where chefs from all over the world use fresh, healthy ingredients to create amazing, unique dishes, which the whole family can enjoy while spending quality time together.

Furthermore, Chairman Li Hailin is working to spread the culture of luxury members clubs around the world, and set up a worldwide alliance of such clubs, by opening at least ten establishments across the globe in the next three years. As STCC Clubhouse is about to open, DDI are already making preparations for an Beach Club they will open in Los Angeles. All this means that STCC are bringing top-class members clubs to China, and by combining family, business, and lifestyle elements, are allowing people to claim back wasted time. Through a comprehensive range of services, people can truly come to appreciate the meaning of a a�?24 Hour+a�? lifestyle.

DDI Chairman Mr Li Hailan stated that, a�?The happiness of successful people is not only based on material or financial wealth, but also on spending quality time with their partners and loved ones. If people can feel like they are getting more than 24 hours out of a day, then the world would be an even better place. By promoting the new a�?24+a�? concept, DDI hope to give people a taste of a top-class international lifestyle, and allow busy urban professionals the chance to get the most out of their days and spend more warm, happy moments with their familya�?.

About DongDu International
DongDu International (DDI) was established in 1989. As a large diversified investment group., DDI has always committed to be the first global exquisite life service supplier to provide necessities of life for customers all over the world. Headquartered in Shanghai, there are five core segments under DDI which are respectively China Real Estate Development, International Investment & Development, DDI Leisure, High-Tech Business and PE & Financing. DDI has fully owned subsidiaries and joint ventures in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, US and Canada.
Based on experience of over two decades, with the vision of a�?Dream Building Building Dreama�?, DDI has become the leader in China housing culture for the young generation. DDI China Real Estate Development covers diversified fields of Residence, Comprehensive Business Center and Industry Real Estate with business operated in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong. So far DDI has successfully launched various series of international young generation products of City Young Executive Series, Elysees Series, iHouse Series, Blue & White Mansion and Shanghai Jiating Center based on the individual and personalized needs for young generation from different level and period. DDI keeps working on helping the modern young people to achieve their dream of self-enhancement by improving their living condition.

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