Klako Group releases June newsletter on Hong Kong as a Business Platform for Asia

Our June magazine is now published.

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In our June Issue we are highlighting the advantages of Hong Kong as an Asian business hub for investors looking to establish a presence in this region. When Hong Kong was handed over to China and changed from a British colony into the ‘one country – two systems’ principle with the Mainland, many wondered how this would effect one of the most important business hubs in Asia. After its expected political ups and downs of settling into its new role, Hong Kong has proven again, for the 14th consecutive year, its status as one of the most important key locations for trade, finance and regional headquarters – and yet again named as the world’s freest economy by the US based ‘Heritage Foundation’. For this reason Hong Kong can be considered as a potential Asian hub for many businesses.


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The topic for this month is: “Holding Jurisdictions for Investments into China”

Despite the recent global financial crisis, China remains one of the largest economies in the world and has the highest growth rate. The IMF’s forecast of the GDP growth rates for 2011 is 9.9 percent even higher than the 8.7 percent in 2009. With the anticipation of sustained growth, the influx of investment into China will likely continue.  Although investment can be made in a number of ways, this webinar looks specifically at the use of a holding company structure as a potentially tax-efficient method of inbound investment into China. By interposing an overseas holding company to hold a Chinese subsidiary, a foreign company can obtain business and tax benefits, the latter including possible lower withholding tax rates and access to beneficial tax treaties. Included in this webinar is a comparison of the tax rules in eight jurisdictions often used to structure investment into China (including Hong Kong, long known as the gateway for inbound investment into mainland China) and an examination of recent steps taken by the Chinese tax authorities to improve the administration of taxes and ensure that nonresidents comply with their tax obligations in China. For more details please refer to the following schedules and reserve your seat on the date of your choice by clicking on the link:

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