Klako Group Releases August Newsletter on Intellectual Property Rights in China

Although counterfeiting is illegal, the Chinese government is in a predicament because to put it simply, fakes have been and continue to be good for the economy. The profits earned from counterfeiting and violations of intellectual property rights are critical to local economies. Counterfeiting absorbs large numbers of workers, generates substantial revenues and provides tax revenues. For years, Chinese authorities turned a blind eye to counterfeiting on the grounds that it helped spread developing technology and essentially it is a a�?victimlessa�? crime. The Chinese have a tendency to borrow, not steal, and copying technologies is not seen as ethically wrong.
There is no single or simple solution to protecting intellectual property in China. The ideal checklist includes obtaining comprehensive local protection in the form of patents, copyrights or trademarks for the products, lobbying with the growing number of protection agencies, and developing sensible business strategies that IP risk into account. Foreign companies who decide to establish their entity in China should take all precautions to avoid possible IPR Infringements. If the companies register all their patents and trademarks, it does not necessarily mean they are safe but it is a step forward to being protected. Should you require further information, please contact our Directors at our Group Headquarters and/or China Headquarters.
For further information, please click here:A�http://www.klakogroup.com/images/stories/pdf/Magazine_Issues/August_2012_issue.pdf

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