Klako Group Presents:Your China Sourcing Program Webinar

In this webinar we want to highlight the most important considerations and options available to companies looking to build their sourcing operation in China.

This webinar will go into details concerning your sourcing options and how Klako can assist in creating effective sourcing business models.

If you would be interested, please do not hesitate to participate.

We are holding 3 webinars in July at 3 different time zones.

For more information on the webinar and the times, please refer to our website: www.klakogroup.com/en/events

Upcoming Webinars in 2012

August 2012 – “Your Sales Program in China”

September 2012 – “Representative Offices in China”

October 2012 – “Reminbi Internationalization & the Benefits for your China Trading Business”

November 2012 – “Limited Companies in China”

December 2012 – “Annual Requirements for maintaining a Hong Kong and China Entity”

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