Ivey tops Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking two years running

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LONDON, ON a�� October 20, 2015A�- For the second year in a row theA�Ivey Business SchoolA�at Western University has been named the top-ranked international MBA program byA�Bloomberg Businessweek.
Ivey was the top of the class among 29 international schools (located outside the United States) based on five ranking categories and criteria. Every school was ranked based on an employer survey (35A�per cent), alumni survey (30A�per cent), student survey (15A�per cent), placement rate rank (10A�per cent) and salary rank (10 per cent). According toA�Bloomberg BusinessweekA�this yeara��s ranking a�?focuses on what most people hope to get after business school: a satisfying, well-paying job.a�?
Ivey ranked first overall in employer satisfaction, the heaviest weighted category in theA�BloombergA�report. This category takesA�intoA�account recruiter feedback on the skills they look for in MBAs, and specifically which programs best equip students with those skills.
a�?Our top placement in theA�BloombergA�ranking again this year validates the importance we place on both employment recruiter satisfaction and the overall student experience at the school,a�? said Robert Kennedy, Dean, Ivey Business School. a�?We take tremendous pride in our ability to provide high quality, innovative programming which ultimately prepares our students to create and navigate a successful career path.a�?A�
This ranking further cements Iveya��s place as Canadaa��s top MBA program. According to theA�Financial Times, Ivey consistently achieves Canadaa��s top job placement rate and highest salaries three years after graduation.
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