Ball Cover

The Great White North: Maple Leaf Ball 2015

For Web august 28th

THE GRANDEST EVENT OF THE YEARA�aS�a��a?s??�a??a?�??�c��a��cs�??�aS?

Get ready for an evening of premium treatment behind the snowy hills of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai: a??a?�?��a��e��a?�?z?a��e�?e��cs�e�?aZYa???�?a?�i???�?a��a?�a?�a?�e?�c?�cs�?�Ya�?c��a�?a�?a?Si?s

  • A cocktail & canapA� reception;
  • c�?a?�a��i?sa?�???e??a�?e��&a?�e??a�?e?Y ;
  • A gourmet 4 course dinner ;
  • c??c?Z?�sa�?i??a?�a��e?�aS�?�?a��a?�aZ?a�sa?�aS�?�?a��c�?e�?e??e�?;
  • Free flow of wine, sparkling wine & beer;
  • e��???e�?e?�e�� & a��e��c��e?�;
  • A live & silent auctions;
  • cZ�a???�?a?� & e�??�? ;
  • Charity fundraising for Community Roots China and Educating Girls of Rural China;
  • a??a�?aS�?�?a��e��aS�a?�a�?a????�a??a��c�YaY?e��a?sa�?c�?e��a��?�?;
  • Spectacular entertainment, including Live Music from The Leaves Overseas;
  • c??a?�c�?a?�cs�a��a?Se????� ;
  • A dazzling night of dancing and celebration!;
  • c��c�?cs�a�??�sa�?cZ�a??a?�a�?a��a?�e��?��?��i??a��e?�c��a??!

As CanCham’s annual marquee gala event, The Maple Leaf Ball has become a tradition and the highlight of the Canadian social calendar in Shanghai. Don’t miss the grandest event of the year! a??a??aS�a��a?s???a????�e��a??cs�a?�c????�aS?a?�a?�i???z�a�??�sa�?a�?c�????a??a��a?s???a??cs�a?�c�Ya�?a??c��eS�c��i???�?a�sc??a?�i??a??e�?e��e?�i?? A� ball photos


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