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Case Study #1 - A Chinese distributor

What were their business needs?

To source Canadian seafood for Chinese clients

How did CanCham Shanghai help?

  • We used our network of contacts of Canadian trade and export organizations, ports, seafood associations and governmental bodies to provide the distributor with a list of companies already exporting seafood to China.
  • We connected the distributor to companies through personalized email introductions. These introductions allowed the distributor to sign contracts. 
  • To facilitate the logistics, the distributor was introduced to a service provider in China specialized in China-Canada air and ocean freight shipping.

Case Study #2 - A Canada-based dress shop

What were their business needs?

To develop partnerships with Chinese factories to source made-to-measure dresses

How did CanCham Shanghai help?

We introduced the company to:

  • Lawyers with knowledge of both Chinese and Canadian law to draw up a contract with the factory in both Mandarin and English
  • A quality control service provider able to assure quality based on standards provided by the company specifically (which was preferred over international standards)
  • A consulting firm able to perform background checks on the factory to guarantee their trustworthiness
  • Representatives from 2 China-based B2B facilitation platforms that can introduce audited Chinese factories already manufacturing for foreign companies
  • A sourcing agent able to handle all aspects of the supply chain from locating an appropriate factory to quality control to shipment of the product

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