Looking to enter China’s market with your product or service?

Canadian companies interested to enter the Chinese market face a lot of challenges, including communication and cross-cultural barriers. For that reason, CanCham Shanghai support its company members, from market-entry preparation to introductions and referrals. Click the case studies below to learn more about how CanCham Shanghai helps its members.

Case study #1

23245-china-warehousing-warehouse-storage-1Who needed our help? A Canadian-based distributor of health and beauty products What were their business needs? Chinese market entry with a new product How did ChanCham Shanghai help?

  • We introduced the company to their their actual accounting and financial services provider
  • We provided them market intelligence on the market and its courier system and movement of goods in China
  • We organized meetings with local distributors and call centers providing customer service in both English and Mandarin
  • We introduced them to a specialized trade consultation firm who could guide them through all the necessary documentation, from importation of their specific product, labelling, bottling requirements, in addition to logistic assistance with the Shanghai Port

Case study #2

networkingWho needed our help? A Canadian governmental organization without any offices in China What were their business needs? Develop their Chinese investor’s network How did CanCham Shanghai help?

  • We organized a seminar event for the speakers coming from Canada
  • We listed the potential guests and key contacts of the community that the representative should meet and personally invited them to the event
  • We organized many meetings with key contacts who were unable to assist the event
  • We published research articles from the company on our publishing platform on our website and emailed them personally to potential interested contacts

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