EHC Global Opens New High Tech Centre in China

EHC Global (“EHC”) announced the opening of the EHC Global High Tech Centre in Shanghai.

The High Tech Centre, which will produce EHCa��s innovative thermoplastic urethane handrail (NT handrail),A�A�is currentlyA�A�the only facility for manufacturing NT handrails outside of Canada equipped withA�A�Canadian technology and management.A�A�As the centre of production for the NT handrail, the High Tech Centre will produce handrails that are better for the environment than the conventionally made rubber handrails.A�A�Because NT handrails are straighter than handrails made of other materials, they require less energy to travel through escalator drive systems.A�A�Furthermore, NT handrails are recyclable andA�A�are also free of ozone depleting chemical cholorosulphonated rubber compounds and PVCs.

The High Tech Centre is crucial part of EHCa��s supply chain in China and to EHC’s continuous success in China, as more than 70% of global lift manufacturing is currently concentrated in China and the China market represents 50% of global lift demand.A�A�As one of the largest handrail manufacturers in the world, EHC currently owns 75% of the handrail market.


About EHC Global

Launched in 1977, EHC is a privately owned Canadian company with three manufacturing centres and over 20 service locations around the world.A�A�Beginning with the development and supply of polymer products for the lift industry, EHC Global has expanded its business into a wide range of industries in addition, including logistics equipment, automobile manufacture equipment and radioactive detection devices. EHCa��s Head Office in Canada developed the worlda��s first recyclable escalator handrail that features built-in antimicrobial properties and the ability to display custom graphics.A�A�At their Engineered Polymer division in China, EHC develops custom urethane products for many industries including automotive.


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Ms. Olivia Zhou, President & CEO



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