Dunn Global acquires Canadian Safety Association (CSA) for it’s Modular Container Homes

In January 2012A�DunnA�Global signed a contract with a Canadian Inspection and Safety Agency (Intertek) to be one of the first ever Chinese companies/manufactures to build to CSA temporary housing standards. A�Meaning,A�DunnA�Global’s temporary living units will be certified and legal for the Canadian market. A�Oil & Gas companies, Natural Resource companies along with Mining companies all across Canada all look to benefit fromDunnA�Global’s recent CSA approval. A�Residential and office units will be built inA�DunnA�Global’s factory in China and exported all across Canada.

Starting FebruaryA�2012 DunnA�Global’s the first CSA approved units will be coming off the factory line. A�The Inspection Agency (Intertek) will be visitingA�Dunn’s factory quarterly for years to come to aid in the inspection and the quality control program. A�Built per each client’s request and to the highest CSA standards,A�DunnA�Global’s modular units look to change and help the naturalA�resourceA�sector of Canada.

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