Dunn Global acquires Canadian Safety Association (CSA) for it’s Modular Container Homes

In January 2012 Dunn Global signed a contract with a Canadian Inspection and Safety Agency (Intertek) to be one of the first ever Chinese companies/manufactures to build to CSA temporary housing standards.  Meaning, Dunn Global’s temporary living units will be certified and legal for the Canadian market.  Oil & Gas companies, Natural Resource companies along with Mining companies all across Canada all look to benefit fromDunn Global’s recent CSA approval.  Residential and office units will be built in Dunn Global’s factory in China and exported all across Canada.

Starting February 2012 Dunn Global’s the first CSA approved units will be coming off the factory line.  The Inspection Agency (Intertek) will be visiting Dunn’s factory quarterly for years to come to aid in the inspection and the quality control program.  Built per each client’s request and to the highest CSA standards, Dunn Global’s modular units look to change and help the natural resource sector of Canada.

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