Designer Assistant (Internship), Tush Skivvies

A�The Designer Assistant must be proficient with Illustrator and Photoshop to be able to create Technical sketches and details in order to be able to sample First concept and design orientation on a complete collection.

  • Presentation of collection meaning:
    • Fabrics
    • Color themes
    • Graphics
    • A�Create all labels and hangtags
    • Sketches


Creativity and Style a�� Fashion designers need to be able to draw inspiration from past trends and see new possibilities for their future designs. They need to be able to innovate and put a fresh spin on things. From sketching to execution, fashion designers need artistic ability and originality to succeed in the industry.

Business Know-How a�� Knowing the ins and outs of business beneficial for any fashion designer. In this highly competitive industry, aspiring designers can’t rely on their artistic vision alone to bring success. For fashion designers, understanding basic principles of marketing and business can help them reach their goals.

Ability to Perform Under Pressure a�� A�Fashion designers should thrive in high-pressure environments. Those entering this occupation should be willing to work in a team, and they should work well under the demands of deadlines. They should also be able to handle criticism. Critics in this field can be brutal. Successful fashion designers know how to learn from a critique while maintaining their individual style.

Knowledge of Fashion History a�� Fashion designers have to stay a step ahead. To do that, they need knowledge about previous styles and movements in fashion history. They also need to be aware of current fashion events and developments.


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