DBX International

Quickly growing as a specialist in these fields, we started to work overseas in 1971, and moved into China in 1992.

DBX International A�-Greater China, was founded in 2004 to strengthen our growth in Asia and streamline all our projects in this area.

Now, with more than 25 designers and 120 workers,
DBX International A� has become one of the leading Design and Build companies in Shanghai.

We are specializing in projects within the Commercial, Industrial and Leisure sectors.
Our clientele includes Fortune 500a��s company, multinationals, large and small local companies as well as government institutions.

Through the years, DBX International A� has enforced our companya��s values in all our projects:

INSPIRATION, by designing beautiful spaces that answer our clienta��s needs;
BUILDA�well, with genuine materials and constructions protocols;
CAREA�about the project, while others would care more about money;
RESPONDA�quickly to the Clienta��s need;
SERVICEA�well, as the Client needs to operate without worries.And when others just talk about these values, at DBX, we live by them.

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