Here’s the latest news on Sino-Canadian affairs.

IvanhoA�’s big bet on China’s middle class

When IvanhoA� Cambridge thinks of Chinaa��s real estate market, it is thinking of top-tier cities such as Shanghai, not remote corners of the Chinese hinterland; and it is thinking of well-off a�� but not absurdly wealthy a�� consumers who form the backbone of the burgeoning Chinese middle class. Read more

China overtakes Canada as largest trade-partner of US

China has become the biggest trade partner of America for the first time replacing Canada, state media here reported today citing the official US data. Read more

Premier’s China Mission Generates $2.5 Billion in Agreements

Premier Kathleen Wynne concluded her second mission to China today in Beijing, where 38 new agreements valued at $750 million were signed by delegates. This brings the estimated total value of agreements from the mission to $2.5 billion. The agreements are expected to create 1,700 jobs in Ontario. Read more

Chinese government may invest $1 billion in Niagara Falls, Ontario, project

A group of Chinese investors, including the government, are planning to invest a total of $1 billion into a proposed new Canadian real estate development in Niagara Falls, Ont., in what could be the largest Chinese investment in Canadian history. Read more

Canada sends 5 figure skaters to Cup of China

Five Canadian skaters will compete this weekend at the Cup of China, the third of six stops on the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Read more

Chinaa��s 13th Five Year Plan: 13 Things Foreign Businesses Should Know

Last weeka��s four-day Fifth Plenary Session in Beijing saw Chinaa��s leaders meet to determine the blueprint for Chinaa��s policies over the next five years. Although the full details wona��t be released in March next year, below are 13 highlights from the communique published following the session: Read more

Greater MontrA�al home to first Chinese video game subsidiary – Game Hollywood sets up North American headquarters in Greater MontrA�al

Game Hollywood, a world-leading video game developer and distributor, announced the opening of its subsidiary, Proficient City Limited, in Greater MontrA�al. Read more

Free trade with China is Canadaa��s next natural step

Trade and tariffs have been defining issues in at least three Canadian elections (1891, 1911 and 1988) and played a role again in the most recent campaign. It wasna��t always the case, but for the past 25 years, at least, Canada has come down on the side of free trade a�� and did so again in 2015. Read more

Congratulations pour in for Trudeau, diverse cabinet

Messages of congratulations are coming in for Justin Trudeau, who was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd prime minister on Wednesday.Trudeau and his 30-member cabinet took their oaths of office at a ceremony on a sunny morning at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. Read more

China dreams of breaking the Boeing-Airbus duopoly

SINCE the 1990s the global market for full-sized commercial airliners has been a duopoly. The market, which by some estimates will be worth $4.6 trillion over the next 20 years, is dominated by Airbus, a European firm, and Boeing, its American competitor. Read more

Ivey tops Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking two years running

For the second year in a row the Ivey Business School at Western University has been named the top-ranked international MBA program by Bloomberg Businessweek. Read more

China is making a new 5-Year Plan a�� and it’ll decide the fate of the global economy

Between October 26 and October 29, the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will hold its 5th annual “Plenary Session,” and announce the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan. Read more

What Justin Trudeau will mean for Canadian politics

Ready, aye, ready. This weeka��s majority government victory for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is a stunning repudiation of the argument that he was a�?just not readya�? to be prime minister. Canadians certainly think he is. Read more

Mayor Jim Watson headed to China and Thailand

From November 16 to 19, Watson will be in Beijing with about 15 business representatives, where he is to speak at a seminar attended by more than 100 Chinese investors and entrepreneurs. He will also meet with municipal and cultural officials in Beijing, which became Ottawaa��s sister city in 1999. Read more

Alberta Energy Minister McCuaig-Boyd optimistic about ties to Beijing

On her first official trip outside North America, Ms. McCuaig-Boyd argued that ties between Beijing and Edmonton a�� not to mention Fort McMurray a�� are strengthening, that Chinese money will continue to pour into Canadian energy and that, one day, more oil will flow to the west coast for global export. Read more

Beijing moves to attract more Canadian tourists

Beijing’s official tourism agency Friday held a high-level tourism resources show in Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada, to attract more Canadian tourists. Read more

Languages Canada to lead trade mission to China and Vietnam

Languages Canada, the association representing Canadaa��s 225 accredited language education programs, is proud to announce that it will soon lead a delegation of member programs on a trade mission to China and Vietnam. Read more

Numerous side deals to accompany final TPP trade agreement: officials

Canada could sign as many as 15 side deals on a range of issues when the time comes to ink the final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, federal officials said Friday. Read more

Elections Canada says 3.6 million votes cast during advance polls

Elections Canada says an estimated 3.6 million people voted during four days of advance polls running from Friday to Thanksgiving Monday, representing a 71 per cent increase over three days of advance polling in 2011. Read more

Canada must get serious about its relationship with China: transition document

Canada is stumbling behind its western allies in the race to develop a strong relationship with China, according to a high-level transition document leaked to The Vancouver Sun.Read more

China looks to spur shale gas industry as companies halt exploration

With hopes of a U.S.-style shale gas boom sputtering, Chinese officials are faulting their own governmenta��s management and proposing new experimental zones as a way to spur a new drilling rush. Read more

Canada Ranks 4th Most Creative Country in the World

A new study by the Martin Prosperity Institute, titled the Global Creativity Index 2015, presents a new model of economic development. It calls this the a�?3Tsa�? a�� talent, technology and tolerance a�� and ranks 139 nations on each of these pillars, as well as their overall measure. Read more

Ten startups selected for new China-Ontario incubator

Ten dynamic Ontario startups have been selected as the first participants in a first-to-market incubator for investment-ready companies seeking an international presence in China.A�Read more

Canadian PM speaks highly of economic ties with China

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke highly of bilateral economic relationship with China on Thursday, saying the Canadian government has achieved a lot in doing business and in exchange of people with China. Read more

China looks to Canada for foodstuffs

The search for reliable and safe food sources is becoming a top priority for most countries as climate change takes hold.A�Read more

Talks with US on investment treaty boost outlook for China’s free-trade zones

Faltering free-trade zones could gain new lease of life as testing grounds for two-way investment deal between the world’s two biggest economies.A�Read more

Beijing seeks advice on hosting Winter Olympics

Arthur Griffith knew that the organizers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games meant business when he sat down with an official who visited Vancouver in late September.A�Read more

Articles & Editorials

Why are Canadaa��s party leaders ignoring China?

Canadians have a lot of interest in China, but you wouldna��t know it by following our federal election campaign.A�Read more

What a Chinese entrepreneur learnt at business school in Canada

From an early age, I gained a love of finance and entrepreneurship from my parents. My mother, a corporate banker, brought me to informal business meetings as my father worked in another city and she was the sole carer after school.A�Read more

For many MBA programs now, global experience comes standard

John Ma was supposed to come home last year after his two-week trip to Shanghaia��a mandatory component of the MBA program he was pursuing at UBCa��s Sauder School of Business. But, during his short stay in China, he managed to bag an internship at one of the companies he toured: international manufacturing company Henkel. So he changed the date on his return ticket home.A�Read more