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    The Annual Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

    What is Canadian Thanksgiving, Anyways?


    What’s this thing with Canadian Thanksgiving? Isn’t it an American holiday? Why don’t they celebrate it on the same day?”


    We know – it might seem a bit confusing seeing as most know Thanksgiving as that late-autumn-football-filled-pre-black-friday-crazed-all-american-feast!


    Truth is, Canadian Thanksgiving is its own special Canadian holiday! As it is quite similar to its southern neighbours’, it does fare well in its differences.


    A little history…


    Long before Europeans settled in North America, festivals of thanks and celebrations of harvest took place in Europe in the month of October. The very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America took place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England, arrived in Newfoundland in 1578. So technically, it’s a Canadian thing! But let’s not dwell on the details. Here are some of the reasons why Canadian Thanksgiving is the best Thanksgiving!

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    1.We celebrate on Monday, not Thursday



    3 Day weekend? Yes, please!


    2. Canadians like to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend in the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful harvest weather



    Not to brag about Canadian scenery, but let’s face it. It’s breathtaking.


    3. Believe it or not, Canada also has football (we’re not just about Hockey)! The TSN Thanksgiving Classic is an annual doubleheader between 4 CFL teams



    And really, that’s enough.


    4. Americans have “Black Friday”, we have something we like to call the Tuesday after thanksgiving.


    tuesday copy

    A little less stressful, don’t you think?


    5. A maple something usually finds its way into the menu



    Seconds are always a must.


    6. It’s way earlier in the year, so it doesn’t just feel like a pre-Chirstmas celebration



    American Thanksgiving…


    7. We don’t have a big backstory to the holiday… It’s simply a time to celebrate good harvest with good food and with loved ones!



    It’s about being thankful for everything we have, and that’s about it!


    So, what are you waiting for?

    Come celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with the Canadian community this coming Monday, October 12th!



    Special Partners




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    ** Don’t forget CanCham Members get a FREE MOOSEHEAD at all Big Bamboo locations with CanCham’s Access Program!




  • Get Mooncakes from The Fairmont Peace Hotel

  • egrc cover

    Member Spotlight: Educating Girls of Rural China

    How Chinese-Canada Ching Tien is changing the lives of hundreds of girls in Rural China

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    As urbanites living in this vibrant, concrete jungle of dreams and opportunity, we are not easily exposed to what lies beyond the shadows of Shanghaia��s skyscrapers. There are still millions in western rural China living in poverty, where education is a luxury that many families cannot afford. Whata��s more, in a system where boys are favoured, it is usually the young girls who are denied access to further education, and face difficult futures with little opportunity.

    This is a reality that Ching Tien, founder of the Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) charity, herself is no stranger to. As a young girl she was a student with ambition at one of the most prestigious schools in Beijing, when her life took a quick turn.

    a�?Growing up in China during the post-Cultural Revolution period, I experienced first-hand what it was like to be denied an education. During the years that I should have been going to school, I was forced to work in a factory in Gansu province. I never forgot the poverty that I witnessed during that time, and after moving to Canada and starting my own family, watching my children growing here with all the choices fulfilling their dreams, I decided to establish EGRC as a means of offering rural Chinese girls the education that I was denieda�? says Ching Tien. Founded in Vancouver in 2005, EGRC has been raising funds to give girls in the western provinces of China the opportunity to attend secondary and post-secondary schools both in Chinese cities and abroad.

    Today, Ching Tiena��s charity has transformed the lives of hundreds of young Chinese women. Since its foundation in 2005, the charity has helped over 400 young women with their University education and over 100 girls with their high school education. The girls of EGRC have an impressive 100% graduation rate, and have moved on to become engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers and positively influence their surroundings.

    EGRC Numbers for webChing Tien is involved in all of these young ladiesa�� development and success and checks in with them on a regular basis. When asked what she would like the public to know about these girls, their development, and about the impact EGRC has had on their lives, she responded with:

    a�?I would like the public to know that these young women are intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working and have gone on to do amazing things with the education that they have received under EGRCa��s sponsorship. Many of them have become teachers and have returned to their home villages in order to educate future generations. Some of them have set up summer camps for the children in their home villages every summer. There is very much a sense of gratitude inherent in these young women and a need to a�?pay it forwarda�� in some way. Further more, two of EGRC university graduates are studying PhD and Mastera��s programs in Canada, some of then have established in their chosen professional fields in cities. It is a thrill to see that four EGRC high school students are now sponsored by EGRC Alumni Association.a�?

    Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.22.33 PM

    After a successful 10 years of existence, Educating Girls of Rural China is continuing their fundraising efforts to help more and more girls. a�?EGRC relies on individual, corporate donations and fundraising events to generate funds to fund the sponsorships. Raising awareness of the great work EGRC is doing and making new connections to potential donors is always our top agendaa�? says Ching. They are also focusing on building a strong alumni, as these are the women that are having a ripple effect in their environments, educating and empowering other young women, and continue to sustain the program.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.26.39 PM

    Want to get involved? CLICK HERE to find out how you can donate & support Ching Tien and EGRC.

  • Member News: Celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival With Grand Hyatt Shanghai

    This Mid-Autumn festival, Grand Hyatt Shanghai presents a simple and colorful mooncake gift box offering traditional flavors to enjoy and share with families, friends and business associates.

    Grand Hyatt Shanghai Mooncake 1a?S?��e��e?�a?�?��a��e��a?�???e??c�?c��

    To highlight this tradition, Grand Hyatt Shanghai has specially selected classic flavors made from the finest ingredients, including white lotus with egg yolk, red bean, red date, lotus seed paste, green bean and coconut.A� Each mooncake gift box contains seven pieces and is packaged in a leather and velvet box inspired by 1930a��s art deco design, which is perfect for gift-giving.


    Now, all members from Canadian Chamber of Commerce are entitled to a special rate at CNY 248 per box when presenting the membership card at purchase.

    For bulk orders, custom-made logos, lining paper and free delivery will be offered.A� Please dial +86 21 5047 8838 for more details.

    Mooncake Flavors (7 pieces)

    • 1 x White lotus with egg yolk (120g)
    • 2 x Red bean (60g)
    • 1 x Red date (60g)
    • 1 x Lotus seed paste (60g)
    • 1 x Green bean (60g)
    • 1 x Coconut (60g)

    Mooncake Gift Box

    Venue: Pastry Boutique (1st Floor)

    Address: Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai

    Date: Starting from July 27, 2015

    Time: 10:00a.m. a�� 10:00p.m.

    Special Rate: RMB 248 per box

    Phone: +86 21 5047 8838


    About Grand Hyatt Shanghai

    Crowning the prestigious 88-story Jin Mao Tower, designed by world-renowned architects Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, Grand Hyatt Shanghai is a landmark five-star address in the center of the Lujiazui business and financial district.A� Occupying the 53rd to 87th floors, Grand Hyatt Shanghai features 548 rooms surrounding a spectacular 33-story atrium.A� The hotel is home to 10 restaurants and bars, including the Shanghai restaurant Club Jin Mao, the award-winning dining destination ON56 and the Cloud 9 sky lounge, one of Shanghaia��s finest bars, which features spellbinding views from the 87th floor.A� Grand Hyatt Shanghaia��s extensive event and conference facilities include a Grand Ballroom for 1,200 people, a Crystal Ballroom and 13 meeting rooms.A� Club Oasis features a spa, a health club and a sky pool on the 57th floor.A� Located in the prosperous Pudong business and entertainment district, Grand Hyatt Shanghai is just 10 minutes from the Bund and the Yuyuan Gardens.A� It is approximately a 30-minute drive from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and a 45-minute drive from Pudong International Airport.


    Address: Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, 200121
    Telephone: +86 21 5049 1234


    About Grand Hyatt

    Grand Hyatt properties feature large-scale, distinctive hotels in major gateway cities and resort destinations.A� With presence around the world and critical mass in Asia, Grand Hyatt hotels provide sophisticated global business and leisure travelers with upscale accommodations.A� Signature elements of Grand Hyatt include dramatic architecture, innovative dining options, advanced technology, spa and fitness centers and comprehensive business and meeting facilities appropriate for corporate meetings and social gatherings of all sizes.A� For more information, please visit


    The trademark HYATT and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt International Corporation.A� A� 2015 Hyatt International Corporation.A� All rights reserved.

  • Member News: Win a Brunch at the Fairmont Peace Hotel

    a???�?e��e�?7???30?�?i??a��?�?a??a?�??�e��a??a?Z?��e??c�?a??e??a?�a??a��a?�e�?e�?a?S?��a�?a??e?�a?�a�??�?a?�a????�a?�a?�a?s@a?S?��a�?a??e?�a?� e??a�??�?a??c��a?�a?�a??a?Z?��e??c�?a?�e??a?�cs�a??a��i??a?�c�?e��c�?i??a?�a?�e��a��eZ�a?�a��a�?a???��a??598/a??cs�a?Z?��e??a??a??a��?��?��a??e�?a??a?�a?�a��

    Until July 30, enter to win a brunch at the Fairmont Peace Hotel by naming A�the two private dining rooms – without walls – at Cathay Room, and win one brunch voucher for two at the Cathay Room.

    Get your thinking cap on – what kind of private dining space, over looking the Bund, does NOT have walls? Contact the Fairmont Hotel WeChat to enter.


    Jeremy Harris
    Jeremy Harris???a??c?Ze?Ye�?c�Ycs�a��a��cs�c??e??c�Y?�?a?�a��a?Za?Zc��e????�a??cs�e�?aZ�a��a��DC Coast e�?aZ�a��a??e�?e�?i??a��a??a�Z??Z??Ya?�aZ?Jeff Tunksa��2003a??i??a��a�Zc?Za�?c??e??a��e�?(?��a?�a��a��i?�??�a?sa?�a?Zi??Jeremya?�e?�c?Za�?c??e??a??e??a�?e??e?Yi??a??a??a�?a?s?��aZ?a?�a?Za?�?��a??a��e�?a?�e�?a????Ya?�a�?cs�VIPa???z�a??a��a?se��a��


    Jeremy Harris lives for food. In 2001, Jeremy apprenticed at DC Coast Restaurant, rated as one of Washington DC’s best fine dining restaurants where he worked under Star Chef and Restauranteur Jeff Tunks.

    After graduating in 2003 from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Jeremy hosted and participated in the American Culinary Olympic Team while serving as Banquet Chef at the New Orleans Marriott for a week-long, VIP Olympic Conference.

    It was these moments which turned Jeremy into a leader of the kitchen, able to perform the valuable act of conceiving, creating and delivering food which impresses even the most knowledgeable food elites of the world.


    Instagram: fairmontpeacehotel


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    SIGN UP NOW: 6th Annual Shanghai Hustle


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  • Popping Up At Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai – Tang Bojun Pop-Up Art Workshop

    Launched on May 13, 2015, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai has teamed up with young artist Tang BoJun for a three-month interactive art workshop. This creative space showcases creativity and fashion through a dynamic pop-up workshop.

    Read more

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    Event Pictures : Outbound Intercompany Payments : How to Implement the Updates? [May 6th 2015]

    On May 6th, members and non-members gathered to hear A�Grant Thorton speak on how to implement the Updates on outbound company payments. View the pictures here.