Venue General Manager

True Legend Hospitality Group is now looking for a Venue General Manager to join their team.


  1. Fully responsible for the daily operation and management of stores;
  2. Responsible for formulating and implementing the service process and operating standards of the store;
  3. Responsible for achieving the business objectives assigned to the store by the company, and leading the staff to actively achieve the business targets;
  4. Responsible for the daily management of stores, and strive to achieve employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and company satisfaction;
  5. Responsible for store talent echelon construction, cultivating excellent team with high service, high quality and high efficiency, ensuring talent reserve to meet the development needs of the company;
  6. Responsible for guiding and supervising the completion of staff performance assessment and summarizing the results;
  7. Do a good job in the ideological work of the store staff, and effectively control the staff turnover rate;
  8. Guide subordinates to carry out daily work and organize staff training from time to time;
  9. Complete temporary tasks assigned by superiors.


  1. College degree or above, major is not limited, proficient in English, under 35 years old;
  2. Over 3 years of western restaurant management experience, familiar with the formulation and implementation of various processes of the store;
  3. Strong team management and communication skills, able to work under great intensity and pressure.