Shift Manager

True Legend Hospitality Group is currently looking for a Shift Manager to oversea all restaurant operations.


  1. Assist store manager in daily management of the whole store, implement the company’s rules and regulations, and implement the policies issued by the company;
  2. Organize the inspection and supervision of the daily work of stores, control the costs of stores to improve profits, ensure smooth and stable operation;
  3. Responsible for good communication with customers, maintain customer relationship; Maintain good customer satisfaction;
  4. Implement the company’s financial system, ensure to achieve the turnover target, and control the cost within the budget;
  5. Responsible for the equipment management of the store, ensuring that all equipment is well maintained and can work normally;
  6. Build the store team, guide, train, and develop the working ability of subordinates.


  1. Between 26 and 35 years old, male or female, good image and temperament;
  2. More than five years of work experience in the same industry, more than three years of western restaurant operation management experience;
  3. Good language skills, coordination and communication skills, and good at motivating employees;
  4. Good customer service awareness and communication skills, teamwork spirit;
  5. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing is required.