Marketing Assistant Intern

Canadian Real Estate Investment Centre is currently looking for a Marketing Assistant Intern to join their team.

Job Description

  1. Edit project material, including copywriting and other marketing materials;
  2. Responsible for company Weibo/WeChat account marketing, including writing and post article daily, update and maintain marketing plan, analysis of online/offline marketing event and account information;
  3. Other assigned tasks.


  1. Desired major: Journalism, Chinese Literature,Design, Media, etc.;
  2. Familiar with AI, PS;
  3. Good at article writing;
  4. Know about Weibo/WeChat official account and WeChat mini program;
  5. Highly professionalism, teamwork spirit and clear goal at work is required;
  6. Working, living or studying experiences in Canada preferred
  7. Fluent in English with strong written and oral skills.