Digital Marketing Manager & Head of Video Production – Forbes Global Alliance

Brief Introduction:

Forbes Global Alliance (FGA) is positioned to be the global trusted community network and digital platform which enable business founders, family business owners, CEO and Start Ups to build and extend their global business network and explore future collaboration possibilities. This is a by invitation only entrepreneurs’ community which targets at the successful entrepreneurs in China who aspire to excel their current capability and acquire the world class leadership. We are currently looking for the qualified talents for below job openings who are passionate about our vision and mission to join us.

Digital Marketing Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Collaborating with each business unit, formulate and implement new media operation strategy around company’s overall brand strategy;

2. Responsible for planning marketing content around products and expanding brand awareness throughhot topics;

3. Collect and organize materials to assist each BU and team on campaigns and promotions;

4. Operate and maintain company WeChat official account, website, Weibo, and other public media platforms and update relative news and information on a regular basis;

5. Coordinate with company to execute brand activities, pay close attention to industry news and events, and provide informative feedback and project optimization on a timely manner.

Experience Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing/advertising/communication or relevant;

2. Execellent presentation and writing skills with strong ability to choose, explore, and follow hot topics wisely;

3. Adept at offices, ps, ai, etc. softwares, good data analysis skill;

4. Keen observation, rich imagination, love to create and innovate;

5. Familiar with different media channels and ways of promotion and is capable of managing and applying them skillfully and flexibly;

6. Excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, great sense of responsibility, beingable to perform well under pressure.

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3、熟练使用offices, ps, ai等软件,具有数据分析能力;





Head of Video Production

This role is responsible for grasping the company’s requirements of animation video content, deeply understanding the content needs of target audiences; with the help of content team, read archives, selected business cases/legendary stories and formulate into brief story scripts that are suitable for animation video production. The candidate should understand and have interest in financial and economic news, business industry history, rich family stories, master in video making, composing, editing softwares, be familiar with video production process, video editing, format transformation and is capable of producing animation video independently.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organizeand formulate business cases/legendary stories selected by content department into brief story scripts suitable for animation video productions;

2. Wide read business schools/business short videos, understand the trend of business short videos development;

3. Write short video scripts, during video production process, constantly communicatewith video desgin vendor to check on requirements;

4. Able to create animation videos independently based on short video story scripts.

Experience Requirements:

1. Graduated with a degree in video film and production, animation, or relevant majors;

2. Agile thinking, able to explore valuable news points from historical documents, strong organizing and planning skills;

3. Strong writing skills, capable of formulate valuable information into words, outstanding script writing skills;

4. Familiar with short video production process, ensure process executability;

5. Finish work independently according to the animation video requirement. Strong execution ability, excellent communication skills.

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