Forbes Global Alliance

Forbes Global Alliance is hiring!

Forbes Global Alliance (FGA) is positioned to be the global trusted community network and digital platform which enable business founders, family business owners, CEO and Start Ups to build and extend their global business network and explore future collaboration possibilities. This is a by invitation only entrepreneurs’ community which targets at the successful entrepreneurs in China who aspire to excel their current capability and acquire the world class leadership. We are currently looking for the qualified talents for below job openings who are passionate about our vision and mission to join us.

  1. Partnership Manager
  2. Business Development Manager (Membership Channels)
  3. Commercial Event and Marketing Manager
  4. Multi-Media Content Manager
  5. PR & Branding Manager

Please kindly refer to below Job Descriptions and the Experience Requirements

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send your resume/CV to

1.Partnership Manager

The Role

The successful candidate will design the partnership strategy and prioritize the right partners’ portfolio for engagement in China. This role will work closely with the Head of membership and Member services manager to understand what kind of partners offering and services are relevant for FGA members in China

Job Responsibilities

  1. Engage the right partners’ portfolio to fulfill the members interests and needs
  2. Prepare for commercial terms negotiation, NDA and contract signing closure
  3. Collect Membership team inputs and insights for focusing the right partners
  4. Work with the Membership team to ensure the partners services and benefits are well communicated to members
  5. Partner closely with Event planning team and Membership services team to brainstorm for joint marketing events ideas or unique member experience offered by the strategic partners
  6. Leverage the Partners channel to promote FGA branding
  7. Leverage Partners exclusive event for FGA members participation
  8. Leverage Partners content for FGA application and website usage
  9. Explore speakership support from Partners headquarter and local office
  10. Secure Partner sponsorship for FGA hosted event
  11. Provide highly targeted and relevant promotion channels for partners
  12. Monitor Partner offers and benefits engagement ratio among members to recycle the low value partner and locate the partners gap
  13. Provide the members interest, preference and needs for Partners reference
  14. Ensure the healthy engagement ratio between partners and members by closely working with Membership program and services team and Event planning team

Experience Requirements

  1. 5 years or above partnership management experience in Healthcare, Higher Education segments
  2. Degree Holder in Medical, Higher Education or related discipline
  3. Mature, creative, business acumen, with strong negotiation skill
  4. Organized and result oriented
  5. Ability to work under pressure with tight deadline
  6. Channel management experience
  7. Fluent in English and Mandarin
  8. World class communication and presentation skill
  9. Profound network among the wealth fare management, healthcare, higher education, luxury segments is a plus

2. Business Development Manager (Membership Channels)
















3. Commercial Event and Marketing Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Design and plan FGA pre-Launch and Launch Event and other events with partners’ sponsorship.
  2. Design and plan for FGA China events that are tailor made for FGA members interests and needs with the help and insights from member services team.
  3. Doing research for quarterly events theme for local chapters as well as annual FGA summit theme.
  4. Partner closely with membership program team to understand the member interests, topics, speakers, company visits, and etc. 
  5. Partner closely with partnership team to gain the partner resources to sponsor FGA events with content, speakership, funding, and etc. 
  6. Source for local event management agencies to manage the event preparation logistic.
  7. Create FGA speakership platform to invite speakership online via FGA strategic partners.

Experience Requirements: 

  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or relate
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in event management in commercial or event organizations
  3. Deep partnership network with event management organization
  4. Rich commercial event management experience and excellent problem-solving ability
  5. Good organizational skills, results-oriented and detail-oriented
  6. Able to work under pressure and tight schedule
  7. Outstanding team player

4. Multi-Media Content Manager














5. PR & Branding Manager

The Role

The successful candidate will take charge of FGA PR and Branding strategy in China. Manage the media relationship and conduct periodical media gathering to share FGA development and impact in China market and beyond. Build and shape a prestige & elite branding for FGA among the potential members and media.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Position FGA as the Elite membership platform of choice in China among the CEOs, Family Office owners and young entrepreneurs, etc.
  2. Create a healthy, constructive and prestige branding for FGA via multiple channel promotion and marketing efforts with our strategic partners.
  3. Establish FGA branding via the welcome kit, third party’s strategic partnership, FGA launch event and joint event with Partners.
  4. Unleash the media power to promote FGA in China to attract the potential targeted members to join.
  5. Source the impactful local or overseas speakers to support FGA PR efforts or event.
  6. Conduct the regular media gathering to report out the FGA key milestones and development progress.
  7. Prepare FGA membership program pitch for online channels and offline event.
  8. Prepare FGA pitch video with membership and partnership team inputs.
  9. Prepare FGA members feature video with the agency support.
  10. Served as MC or facilitator for FGA private event.

Experience Requirements

  1. 5 years or above PR and Media relations experience in companies with multinational brand, Private Banking, Executive MBA or related
  2. Degree Holder in Journalism, Translation, English Literacy or related
  3. Excellent presentation and communication skill
  4. Understanding of the high-end readers and VIP members is a key advantage
  5. Strong media relations with the Financial, Business Media or Luxury media is a must
  6. Profound digital media relationship and experience is a plus
  7. Any branding experience will be considered

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send your resume/CV to