Emission Design Engineer


Contract:Permanent, Full-Time




  • Responsible of emission control system function for various projects.
  • Focus on emission control system regarding the company’s quality, cost, delay and performance targets.
  • Responsible of its function from the design phase to the integration phase
  • Studies the feasibility of the regulation and design of the emission control system
  • Manage and validate Three Way Catalyst/Gasoline Particulate Filter design
  • Participate in the emission calibration works and provides samples as needed
  • Communicate with JVs for emission related homologation/COP/ISC/quality issues
  • Responsible for the emission control system design for gasoline engine and hybrid power train application.
  • Manage the exhaust parts design from functional point of view:
  • Engine raw emissions and thermal behavior
  • Catalyst and sensor distribution
  • Three Way Catalyst/Gasoline Particulate Filter efficiency, geometry and location, and related chemical/combustion knowledge
  • Chinese specifications and regulation
  • Determine the efficiency-price optimized emission control system, regarding the emission calibration capability for each application
  • Engine bench/oven aging design
  • Vehicle emission/OSC testswith calibration and ECU mapping
  • Cost reduction project management
  • RFQ and quality specification writing
  • Supplier relationship management
  • In charge of the system validation including durability and OBD parts validation, support for integration/calibration team regarding the emission control system
  • Follow closely the Chinese emission regulation evolvement and give necessary support for the project
  • Follow closely the emission activities in JVs including homologation, durability tests, COP and ISC control, etc.
  • The candidate has to work with every team of design department (combustion, performances, consumption, software, etc.), test facilities and calibration team, good communication and relationships skills are mandatory
  • Finish other related tasks assigned by the manager


  • Master degree
  • 3-5 years’ experience
  • Good knowledge of PWT functioning principles and AVLCONCERTO preferred
  • Good knowledge of French preferred
  • Team player with strong communication skills
  • Good English in both oral and written

Send your CV and cover letter to Rachel, 186 7232 5501, tangli@vidoukin.com