Digital Executive Intern Position

岗位职责/Intern PD:

1. Create and manage both Weibo and WeChat accounts for our clients.(为客户开设、维护、管理微信/微博公众号)

2. Provide written content in Chinese for posts that are pushed out. Have the ability to translate and localize content. Have the ability to design campaigns that can be used to push out content. (按照客户要求定期编辑推送,需具备熟练地页面设计和翻译技能)

3. Assist with any design requirements that the Market Research department encounter.

4. Attend meetings with client.(可以和客户独立沟通,并完成客户下发的任务)

5. Pitch clients together with the senior team and create compelling presentations.(向客户输出高质量的展示方案,并同资深新媒体专员团队一起赢得客户)

6. Strategically advise clients with regards to China marketing.(为客户提供有关中国市场的战略建议) 7. Carry out category and media research within a team.(团队合作完成品类和媒体研究)


1. Being a professional consultant capable of independently and professionally working on projects and client needs as part of a team and individually as required.(作为专业顾问,能够按照客户需求独立或以团队合作的形式完成项目)

2. Commercial astuteness, self-motivation, maturity, able to work proactively, solve problems and make decisions unsupervised if need be. (有敏锐的商业嗅觉,积极主动,成熟专业,能够灵活处理并解决问题,善于做决定)

3. Work and act resourcefully with a “can-do” results orientated attitude to challenges and problem solving. (乐观进取,敢于挑战,随机应变)

4. Have the ambition and desire to grow with the role of being a professional consultant and potential manager.(有志于成为能够带领团队的专业顾问,甚至后备经理)

5. Better major in Translation or Communication (传媒、广告、汉语言文学、翻译背景优先)

6. Better in creative writing and activity planning(有撰写营销软文、活动策划的能力者优先)

7. Better with Mother & Baby digital experience (有母婴类新媒体经验)

8. Proficiency in English speaking & writing (需要流利的英文口语与写作能力)

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