Chief Financial Officer/ Finance Director

Shanghai Saimen Business Consulting Co,. Ltd is now looking for a Chief Financial Officer/ Finance Director!

Pisition Title:

Chief Financial Officer/ Finance Director

Position Overview:

  1. Make financial planning according to the company’s development strategy and experience development plan;
  2. Set up and improve the company’s financial management system, and coordinate and implement daily financial managemnt, budget management, fund operation and other work. Establish and improve the company’s internal accounting, auditing and internal control system, improve the financial governance and financial control system, effectively manage the department personnel, ensure the accuracy, timeliness and compliance of the financial work; 
  3. Establish and maintain relations with relevant auditing, accounting firms, investment institutions and other relevant institutions;
  4. Supervise the implementation of the company’s economic plans;
  5. Responsible for the preparation of financial statements, providing timely and effective financial analysis for the company’s decisions;
  6. Provide financial advice and decision-making support for the company’s investment, financing, merger and acquisition and other business activities; 
  7. Participate in risk assessment, architecture design and tax planning, assist in optimizing capital structure and asset allocation;

Job Requirements:

  1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, with qualification in financial management, accounting or other related majors preferred;
  2. Have intermediate or above accounting title, must have international and multinational company experience;
  3. Proficient in English, excellent in listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  4. Working experience in overseas or multinational enterprises, familiar with international accounting standards and practices is preferred;
  5. Familiar with domestic and foreign accounting, auditing, taxation and other relevant policies and regulation, and understand the operation of domestic and foreign capital market;
  6. Good communication skills and rich management experience. Rigorous work style, with a high degree of professionalism and professional ethics;
  7. CPA, ACCA, CFA or relevant experience is preferred.

Please send your CV to before September 30, 2019