Administrative assistant 行政助理-JD


  1. 专门负责团队及相关部门人员的招聘Responsible for recruiting staff for the team and relevant departments
  2. 确保办公环境的舒适、安全和清洁Ensure the overall comfort, safety, and cleanliness of the office environment.
  3. 协调和安排活动,会议,旅行出行,安排会议室,午餐等Coordinate and schedule events, conferences, meetings, travel, conference rooms, luncheons, etc.

  4. 能在CEO和高级管理人员的指导下,协调、创建、编辑和分发内部和外部文件Coordinate, create, edit and distribute both internal and external correspondence under the direction of the CEO and senior management.
  5. 与第三方IT合作并解决系统运行中出现的相关问题Work with and coordinate 3rd party IT support to resolve any relevant issues with systems ongoing
  6. 为高级管理层协调国内和国际的出差安排和国际会议Coordinate domestic and international travel arrangements and international meetings for senior management.
  7. 专业地与客户、高级管理人员和所有其他级别的员工进行交流Professionally interact with customers, senior-level executives, and all other levels of employees.
  8. 确保办公用品库存充足且质量良好。每月根据需要订购和分发办公用品Ensure that office supplies are fully stocked and in good quality. Order and disperse office supplies on a monthly basis as needed.
  9. 协助保存所有办公室、行政和行政费用的记录Assist in maintaining records of all office, executive and administrative expenses.
  10. 将来电和访客引导去正确的对接人,不要延误或混淆Direct incoming calls and visitors to the correct person without delay or confusion.
  11. 记下留言,确保员工回到工作岗位的时候可以给客户或者同事回电话Take messages to ensure employees can call back customers and colleagues if they are away from their desk.
  12. 确保接待区域看起来很棒,并能展示出公司的价值观,能很好地照顾客户和员工Ensure that the reception area looks excellent and support the company’s values to take great care of customers and employees.
  13. 管理所有和快递相关的事务(程序,账目等)Manage all courier procedures, interactions and accounts.
  14. 组织和管理名片,客户和员工数据库以及公司的其他行政方面Organize and manage business cards, client and employee databases as well as other administrative aspects for the group.
  15. 致力于团队合作,取得成果,展现诚信Be committed to teamwork, achieving results and displaying integrity.
  16. 为访客提供一般的支持和帮助Provide general support to visitors
  17. 积极参与公司活动的策划和执行Participate actively in the planning and execution of company events
  18. 协调办公室员工的活动以确保最高效率Coordinate office staff activities to ensure maximum efficiency
  19. 设计和实施档案系统Design and implement filing systems
  20. 在任何时候都以一种致力于发展和提高公司专业声誉的方式行事Act at all times in a manner committed to growing and enhancing the professional reputation of the company.


  • 具备办公室管理、行政或助理经验Proven office management, administrative or assistant experience
  • 熟悉办公室管理职责、制度和程序Knowledge of office management responsibilities, systems and procedures
  • 优秀的时间管理能力和处理多项任务的能力Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
  • 注重细节和解决问题的能力Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • 优秀的书面和口头沟通能力(中文和英文) Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Chinese & English)
  • 较强的组织和计划能力Strong organizational and planning skills
  • 熟练使用microsoft Office办公软件,包括Outlook Proficient in MS Office Suite including Outlook
  • 熟悉文书工作和程序 Knowledge of clerical practices and procedures
  • 具备人力资源管理实践和程序知识Knowledge of human resources management practices and procedures
  • 商业和管理原理知识Knowledge of business and management principles
  • 计算机技能和办公软件知识Computer skills and knowledge of office software packages