Career Opportunity : Director Stakeholder Relations [Canada Wood]

Canada Wood is seeking a Director Stakeholder Relations, based in Shanghai, Pudong, beginning July 2015.A� The Canada Wood Group (CWG) represents the Canadian forest industry in China. Working in partnership with Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) from the province of British Columbia, they have been instrumental in increasing the volume of lumber exported to China and are entering the next phase of their strategic plan to further increase the value of exports.

Key Responsibilities:

The Director develops and coordinates English language communications for Canada Wood and FII to keep Canadian stakeholders briefed on program activities and market trends related to wood industry sectors in China. The Director works closely with the Manager, Research & Metrics to ensure outgoing material is appropriate for an English-speaking audience. The Director also collaborates with the Director of Communications to coordinate communication resources and to align the English language initiatives with the Chinese language initiatives. The Director assists in the planning and implementation of major events including project launches, trade missions and public relations initiatives.A� The Director also manages corporate reporting, and assists with English language media requests. Communications and Marketing:

  • Implements a comprehensive English language communications strategy;
  • Provides input on improving the quality of information reaching Canadian stakeholders;
  • Works with senior management and program staff to integrate program planning with corporate communication strategies;
  • Ensures key program activity is identified and high-lighted in communications initiatives;
  • Supports Director of Communications on branding, marketing and communication activities in China;
  • Ensures factual information is available to English speaking audiences and key influencers;

Research: Works with the Manager, Research and Metrics, to determine how to package research findings for English speaking stakeholders in Canada. Stakeholder and Customer Relations:A�

  • Actively maintains working relationships with industry stakeholders;
  • Ensures work plans are closely linked to the needs and activities of forest sector companies and associations, B.C. and federal government ministries and agencies;

Performance Management:

  • Participates in the development of performance management framework as it relates to the reporting requirements for Canadian stakeholders;
  • Monitors progress towards established communications goals and objectives;

Education and Experience:

  • Graduate Degree or equivalent combination of work experience and education in a communications field such as Journalism, Marketing, Social Media or Public Relations;
  • At least 5 years experience in a mid- to senior-level in a related field;
  • Experience writing professionally in English;
  • Experience working collaboratively as part of a team.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • A�Strong foundation in marketing, social media, mass media (print and digital), publicity, advertising, investor relations and/or corporate relations;
  • Offers project management abilities for the production of live events, government briefings, online communications, public relations, internal and external newsletters and corporate reporting.
  • Ability to plan, prioritize and manage multiple tasks;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, written and verbal demonstrating a high level of tact, diplomacy and judgment;
  • Comfortable in the role of representative for business networking events.
  • Familiarity with the Canadian forest sector, Chinese construction sector, forest management practices, architecture, manufacturing with wood and/or real estate is an asset;
  • Graphic design, animation and/or video production is an asset;

To apply for this position, please send resume (CV) along with a photograph to before June 23rd 2015.