Canada-China links: Paciific trade pact, evolving trade relationship, agri-food industry missing out, etc..

Here are some recent Canada-China links:

  • China’s Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group is first customer of Canadian mining firm Nautilus Mineral’sA�undersea mine
  • Beijing’s ambassador to Canada’s “crude” remarks about China’sA�interest in Canadian oilA�raises questions
  • Canada facesA�challengesA�in bid to join Pacific trade pact
  • China’s trade surplus continues toA�fatten up
  • TheA�energy trade relationshipA�between China and Canada evolves as Chinese companies evolve beyond just buying oil
  • China introduces nationwide system toA�collect informationA�on foreigners and proposes newA�visa category
  • CanadianA�agri-food industryA�will not be able to maximize export potential to Asia without shift in trade policy
  • Full steam ahead forA�CN RailA�as profits expect to hit the high end of estimate
  • APFC poll finds that Ontarians are the most wary wary of expanding Canada-AsiaA�trade ties
  • China’s Sichuan Airlines to start regular flights fromA�Chengdu to VancouverA�in June 2012

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