Calling Brands Wins Successful Design Award

Calling Brands has won a Successful Design awardA�in the visual communication categorywith their Wastons Mini Wet Wipes packaging design . A� The design exercise was to completely redesign the packaging for Watsonsa�� own label of Mini -wet Wipes products.

Calling Branda��s design fully expresses Watsona��s a�?own branda�? characters and allows the line of products to be competitive with other premium grade brands in the same category. Calling Brands created a set of 4 illustrated female characters that represent each of the linea��s products. Its sweet and unique illustration style set the line apart from competitors and connect with the audience emotionally. A� The Mini-wet Wipes sales turnover has reportedly increase dramatically after redesign of the packaging.A�The characters created in the design were so well received that Watsons is considering expanding the line and leveraging these characters for other marketing purposes.

Calling Brand Consulting China (formerly Identica) is a member of the international communication group a�� The Engine Group, is a premier branding strategy and design firm based in Shanghai, serving clients across China and internationally. A� Calling Brandsa�� distinct advantage is its high level of creative work and our ability to lead a companya��s or producta��s branding from strategy to design, and throughout production, ensuring unparalleled creativity and quality control throughout the process. A� From creating exciting and innovative new brands to brand reassessment and revamping of existing brands, Calling Brands sets to help both foreign and domestic brands to maximize their brand experience and to carve out a competitive niche in their industries. We have a wealth of experience, expertise and proven track record in providing innovative strategic and creative solutions that help our clients building success brands and products.

Successful Designs Awards is an award that seeks to honor the top international designers and enterprises for their creativity and business effectiveness in the Chinese market. Designs are judged by an all-encompassing view of the design, from its conception to its commercial outcome.A�As a platform, they are committed to celebratingA�todaya��sA�Successful Designs. To inspire and amplify the value generated by Design for tomorrow.