Call for Nominations: Rotary Leadership Awards 2014

Call for Nominations: Rotary Leadership Awards 2014


The Rotary Club of Shanghai has announced its fourth annual 2014 Rotary Leadership Awards to recognize outstanding individuals and companies as well asA� nonprofit programs and students that are making significant socially responsible contributions in mainland China. Supported by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, the Australian Chamber, A�Britcham and the CanadianA�Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the awards will recognise achievements in the areas of philanthropy, community outreach, volunteer programs, employee initiatives, environmental educational efforts and sustainable community development.

The 2014 awards will have two categories program and individual. A a�?programa�� category for companies, nonprofit organizations, and students whose programs or projects demonstrate extraordinary managerial and innovative excellence; have a high commitment to socially responsible activities, and represent outstanding models that encourage other individuals and organizations to be active in the community; and an a�?individuala�� category for single individuals who have initiated significant community works; projects and programs which, over time, have had a positive impact in the local community.
Judging will be by a panel of experienced CSR practitioners and business professionals from around the world that work in a variety of industries.A� The judges will evaluate all eligible applications and the winners will be announced at the Rotary Gala Dinner to be held the 7th June at Swissotel. Non corporate winners will receive funds specifically for use in their projects throughout the year 2014.
Individuals, companies, students and nonprofit organizations are welcome to apply before 1st March 2014 by following the application instructions on the Rotary Club of Shanghai website
Tara Strunk, board member of the Rotary Club of Shanghai shared, a�?We have been delighted at the overwhelming response wea��ve received from both nominees and the community in Shanghai and China. A� Working on these awards for the past four years and learning about the exciting,A� well planned and executed social programs in China has been inspiring!A� Each year our Leadership Awards and the gala dinner hosted to recognize the winners surpass our expectations and attract more nominees and attendees.a�?
a�?The Rotary Leadership Awards are unique because we are a truly international organization and do not focus purely on activities associated with companies from specific countries. Our aim is to become the major awarding organization recognizing excellence in social responsibility in Chinaa�?, said Sue Maguire, Vice President Rotary Club of Shanghai.A� a�?We are proud to partner with so many chambers of commerce to host these prestigious awards in China.A� It is exciting to see the awards continue to grow!a�?
About The Rotary Club of Shanghai:
Shanghai’s Rotary Club was first founded in 1919 as part of Rotary International, the world’s largest voluntary organization with 1.2 million members and more than 34,000 clubs in 200 countries. Rotary has no political or religious affiliation and relies on donations and its membera��s commitment to implement programs throughout the world. The Rotary Club of Shanghai always welcomes new members! For more information on the Rotary Club of Shanghai and its projects please visit
For more information please contact:
Media Enquiries Thilo: 159 6228-8700 or
Sponsorships – Tara Strunk: 158 2159-7951 or
Raffle or In Kind Donations:A� Mark Secchia or
Nominations a�� Sue Maguire-13052082175 or email

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