Business Development Officer, The Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office

Saskatchewan is a western Canada province with abundant natural resources to have become the worlda��s food and energy powerhouse. With Chinaa��s modernization raging on, Saskatchewan has never been more important for the worlda��s most populous market as a safe and stable supplier of food and fuel. Conversely, Saskatchewan will prosper from engaging China in trade and investment. In light of this mutually beneficial relationship, the provincial government of Saskatchewan established Saskatchewana��s first and only international office in Shanghai, China in 2010.

Position: Business Development Officer
Employer: The Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office
Location: Shanghai, China
Compensation: Monthly salary plus employer share of social/medical insurance contributions, actual figures to be discussed at the interview; annual bonus and salary adjustment level will be determined by performance.
Open to: Chinese citizens residing in Shanghai, China
Application Deadline: by 5pm, November 14, 2014

Please send your resume and cover. Letter to

While standing as a testimony of Saskatchewana��s commitment to China, the Saskatchewan Trade and Investment Office serves to bolster the interdependent relationship between Saskatchewan and China by promoting and facilitating bilateral trade and attracting Chinese investment capital into Saskatchewan.

We are now looking for a new team member to join our growing office in advancing Saskatchewana��s economic interests in China. The new officer will partake in trade development and investment attraction in particular and growing Saskatchewana��s presence in China at large. The following are some of the specific responsibilities given to the new officer:

  • Generating high-value leads for Saskatchewan high priority interests
  • Raising awareness of Saskatchewan and its business opportunities in China
  • Enhancing Saskatchewana��s understanding of the Chinese market
  • Supporting Saskatchewan government and business missions to China

To perform these and other related responsibilities well, we expect the new officer to possess the following qualifications:

  • You must hold an undergraduate degree or above from a recognized Chinese or overseas university; preferential consideration will be given to candidates with a bachelor degree from a Canadian university.
  • You must have professional work experience of no less than 3 years; favourable consideration will be given to candidates with responsibilities in business development either in their previous jobs or current job.
  • Although this is a government office, your having work experience in a government entity is not an indispensable requirement for this job; such an experience would surely be a plus on your resume.
  • You must speak and write both Chinese and English proficiently; other linguistic capabilities would not add extra points, though we would like to know them.
  • You must be willing to travel frequently within China.
  • You must demonstrate that you are self driven and independent, and these two traits are critical in our assessment whether you are the right person to handle this job on top of your other qualifications.
  • You must be a Chinese citizen. We welcome your overseas studying and/or working experience, but we do not accept non-Chinese citizens for this job.

We will contact you only if we have selected you for the interview process.