Baidu on the Hunt for Canadian Game Developers

As mobile gaming becomes increasingly popular in China, Baidu Inc., Chinaa��s biggest search engine company, is visiting Vancouver and Toronto to see if it can strike productive relationships with Canadian game developers.


Baidu, which is listed on the Nasdaq with a market capitalization of more than $66-billion (U.S.), accounts for around 70 per cent of Web searches in mainland China. But the company also operates a mobile gaming platform that sees upwards of 100 million application downloads a day. Cheng Wei, the vice-president of international business at Baidu Mobile Games, says he met with more than 20 game developers in Vancouver a�� a hot spot for animation and mobile game-developers that has attracted multiple Japanese gaming giants a�� and says he will meet with more in Toronto. Baidu has more than 40 per cent of Chinaa��s games market on the Android smartphone platform, and Mr. Cheng wants to make partnerships in Canada that could result in bringing Canadian-made games over to Baidua��s popular platform, at a time when the sector is becoming hotly competitive. Chinaa��s mobile game market, like its mobile phone market more generally, is seeing explosive growth and It could be a good time to get in on the action. Read more

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